Month: May 2018

Minutes from May 21, 2018 Board of Directors Meeting

P.A.H.S. Meeting of May 21, 2018 Larry Puzen called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm at the PACE room. Those attending were Larry Puzen, Rock and Pam Mannigel, Steven Karcz, Larry Szymanski, Chris Jaworski, Katie Walters, Mike Blohowiak, Claudia Ryczkowski, John Mihalko and Norine Heuser. Secretary’s Report – Chris made a motion to accept the minutes. Rock seconded. Motion carried. Treasurer’s Report – Larry Szymanski reported the checkbook balance is $21,066.02. Larry Puzen mentioned the Green Bay Antiquarian Society awarded us the grants Claudia wrote…about $700.00 for tissue paper, boxes and supplies and $400.00 to fix as many typewriters as that would allow. A discussion followed about the CD coming due in July. Larry Szymanski made a motion to let the CD expire on 7/12/2018 and put the proceeds into the brick fund for museum improvements. Then reinvest any remaining funds back into a CD. Norine seconded. Motion carried. Norine made a motion to approve the report. Claudia seconded. Motion carried. Communications & Comments – Larry Puzen said Claudia found out the cobbler shop at the Franciscan printery was going to be selling items through an auction. He was able to go there and brought back several small items for the museum. After the sale, they may give us other items if we would want them. At one time, they made sandals for all of the friars in...

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