Larry Puzen called the meeting to order at 6:27 pm at the PACE room. Those attending were Larry Puzen, Larry Szymanski, John Mihalko, Rock & Pam Mannigel, Sharon Bauer, Roger Brzeczkowski, Jim Zajac and Norine Heuser.

Secretary’s Report – Norine mentioned she had received two corrections to the previous minutes. The museum hours are from “1:00” – 5:00, not like the ones she had shown of “11:00” – 5:00. Also, she had shown the museum being open for 172 “hours” when in fact, it should have shown the museum having 172 “visitors”. With those changes, Roger made a motion to accept the minutes. Jim seconded. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report – Larry Szymanski reported the check book balance is $7,222.25. Rock mentioned in the minutes from March 25, 2013 it showed the brick money would go to the “preservation of the building and its contents”. All of the bricks he sold along with Pam’s 53 were sold under the intent the money would be used to insulate the upstairs of the museum. Larry’s report showed the monies spent for various capital spending on the building including the furnace, air conditioner, back wall, etc. If we had not gotten the income from the brick sales, we would not have had the money to take care of all we did. Roger suggested using CD’s to pay for the insulation. Larry Puzen asked Larry Szymanski to bring an operating budget to our next meeting showing a twelve month period of spending. Pam suggested maybe opening a separate account just for the brick sales. More discussion will follow on the use of the brick funds. Rock motioned to accept the minutes. Jim seconded. Motion carried.

Communication – Larry Szymanski said the AASLH had asked for a donation over and above our membership. It was decided not to donate. He also informed us on October 14, 2016, he placed a jump drive containing our 2015 financial year into our vault at First Merit Bank. Larry Puzen received a letter from the National Railroad Museum asking if we would like to join their newly formed federation dedicated to teaching our community the history of Brown County. Annual dues would be $60.00. It was decided not to join at this time. Larry Szymanski then mentioned a correction for the minutes of September 26, 2016. The water inspection by the village was done on August 24th, not on August 20th as was stated.

Brick Sales – Pam reported we are currently at 153 sold. She has 10 forms out waiting to hear back but will wait until after the holidays to follow up.

Review of Dinner – Norine thanked everyone who helped set up for the event. She then thanked Carol Puzen for the opening prayer, Tammy and Dynamic Design for the tickets, Save the Dates and all advertising, Super Ron’s for the great food, Katie and Tammy for taking care of the pie auction (and Mike Blohowiak for the great idea), Pam for heading the 50/50 Raffle and the bartenders who donated all of their tips! Thirty one people took their newsletter saving us postage. We served 84 people and it was a fun evening.

Website – No report

Strategic Planning Committee – Roger said he is open to any ideas where we could generate some money from the upcoming Casimir Pulaski Days.

Election of Officers – Larry Puzen, Larry Szymanski, Norine Heuser and in his absence, Chris Jaworski agreed to keep their offices. Larry then congratulated the board members who will serve again.

Committee Review – Larry went over the various committees and their members. We will remove the Time Capsule committee for now and change the Planning committee to Strategic Planning.

Membership Letter – Norine handed out a suggested letter and questioned several items. She is working with Amy Norlin at the Wisconsin State Historical Society to be able to include 20% discount coupons with our thank you notes. The various prices that were found in the last newsletter were discussed and it was decided to eliminate several: The Jr Member because we don’t target them and most would be included in the Family Membership…the Corporate $500.00 and the Life Individual $150.00 because we felt that would deter our current or future sustaining members from continued yearly support.

Spring Newsletter – Chris had told Larry they are working on it.

Frosty Christmas – Pam reported she and Rock will have the museum opened from 5:30pm-7:30pm that evening, December 2nd .

Scout Tour – December 1st we will be having a tour of the museum for the scouts.

Rock made a motion to adjourn. Jim seconded. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 8:01 pm. Next meeting will be February 27, 2017.

Minutes taken by Norine Heuser, recording secretary.