Larry Puzen called the meeting to order at 6:33 pm at the PACE room. Those attending were Larry Puzen, Roger Brzeczkowski, Katie Walters, Larry Szymanski, Sharon Bauer, Claudia Ryczkowski, Rock Mannigel, Mike Blohowiak and Norine Heuser.

Larry said Jim Zajac informed him he will be stepping down as a board member. We will need to find a replacement since his term runs through 2018. We should think about a replacement.

Secretary’s Report –Mike made a motion to accept the minutes and Claudia seconded. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report – Larry Szymanski reported the checkbook balance is $11,781.64. He designed a chart showing our “Operating Money” to show our balance during the various months of the year. He will continue to update this for all future treasurer’s reports. Mike said we were lax in giving any recognition to the people who funded our scholarship monies for the past three years. All of our money goes into the “same hat”. We should recognize them by a plaque, the newsletter or at the annual dinner. Maybe we could get businesses involved. Claudia suggested designating the money from the 50/50 raffle to the Scholarship Fund. Mike said when he started with a $250.00 donation it was with the understanding the board would match that amount. That didn’t happen. Rock mentioned he donated another $250.00. Larry Puzen donated that amount and Chris Jaworski matched his $250.00. Mike said we need to make this fund known so more people would get involved. Claudia suggested having a line in our membership letter asking for donations to the Scholarship Fund. We could also have a donation box at the annual dinner designated just for the fund. Mike made a motion to have a separate scholarship fund and if someone donates $25.00 or more, they are recognized. If we run short on donations for this fund, the board will make up the difference from the general funds. Roger made a motion to approve Mike’s suggestion. Claudia seconded. Motion carried. Larry Szymanski said we received a letter from Gloria Morgan and the Chamber of Commerce asking for a donation of $100.00 to pay for the flags that are displayed in the village. Claudia asked why the village doesn’t pay for those. Roger will check and this was tabled for now.

Comments – Larry Puzen mentioned his daughter’s company will pay her $500.00 for 30 hours of community service work. She will be donating that to the PAHS.

Outside Lighting – Mike had told Rock he called Gwidt Electric but hasn’t heard back. Rock will check with a retired electrician he knows who was a former student of his.

Building Insulation – Rock hasn’t heard from the Pulaski United Foundation regarding their possible donation. He said he attended the Printery meeting and made it clear that the museum will NOT be moving to that location. He said that rumor had put a temporary hold on their decision.

Donor Plaque – Claudia is working on this. She has all of the names and now is working on putting them in alphabetical order.

Newsletter – Chris had told Larry he will have an article ready for Tammy in about a week. Larry then suggested having only one newsletter a year. It would save us money and be a lot less work. Claudia said it would be great if we could have someone from the Pulaski News write an article once or twice a month letting people know what is happening at the museum. Then we wouldn’t need two newsletters, but we would have to be sure the one we publish is out before our annual dinner.

Comments – Larry Puzen extended an invitation to Roger to have the village board visit our museum. Claudia said she would be willing to attend the next village board meeting and open the museum for them.

Membership – Norine reported we have now hit 350 members….48 new ones! We had a very good response to our drive.

Website – No report.

Signage for Summer Hours and World War I Display – Claudia reported the World War I hours will be May 20th & 21st from 10:00- 2:00. May 23rd, 24th, and 25th from 1:00 – 4:00. She and Marian discussed summer hours and decided to be open every Thursday starting June 15th thru the end of August from 1:00 – 4:00. They will also have 3 “Working Days” (June 15, July 13 August 17) where people can help out by changing displays, cleaning upstairs, filing newspapers, etc. It was suggested we list our World War I hours on the Nsight cable channel as well as other places. Norine mentioned an article she read in the Press Gazette about a World War I display at a Madison museum. They have someone on staff who travels the state to interview vets. She will contact them to see if they would be interested in attending.

Volunteers for World War I Display – Claudia passed around a sign-up sheet and will call for volunteers.

Comments -Bob Budz asked Larry Puzen if we could have the museum open for their class reunion. Rock & Pam donated the money to have the museum carpeting cleaned and it looks like new! Larry Puzen mentioned the hot water heater in the utility room hasn’t worked in years and he’s afraid it could leak and cause trouble. It was decided we should remove it. Claudia said we should print address labels with our new membership fees and affix them to all of our brochures that are printed. Norine offered to do that. Claudia will distribute them to various businesses. Norine had shown our next meeting for May on our agenda. We did not have one in May last year and it was decided our next meeting will be June 26th.

Norine made a motion to adjourn. Sharon seconded. Meeting adjourned at 8:22 pm. Minutes were taken by Norine Heuser, the recording secretary.