Larry Puzen called the meeting to order at 6:31 pm at the PACE room. Those attending were Larry Puzen, John Mihalko, Chris Jaworski, Roger Brzeczkowski, Larry Szymanski, Claudia Ryczkowski, Rock and Pam Mannigel, Mike Blohowiak, Katie Walters, Sharon Bauer, Steve Peplinski and Norine Heuser.

Secretary’s Report –Norine mentioned she had a date wrong regarding an upcoming museum work date. It should have been ‘Thursday, July 13th’. With that change, Mike made a motion to approve the minutes. Rock seconded. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report – Larry Szymanski reported the check book balance is $11,304.77. Steve made a motion to approve the report. Sharon seconded. Motion carried.

Communication & Comments – Larry Szymanski said we received another bogus email requesting money. He passed around the mail.

Outside Lighting – Rock said the installation is done and looks very nice. The LED lights will be very cost effective and they are on a timer. Troy Lasecki donated his time. The cost for the materials will be about $220.00. They had to purchase a new timer. Larry Puzen, Mike Blohowiak, and Don Heuser helped with this job. Roger and his grandsons cleaned up the lawn and did some nice landscaping.

Brick Sale – No new sales.
Polka Day Float – We all thought Chris did a great job with the tractor and side rake. Website – No report

Speaker for Annual Dinner – Claudia spoke with Damon Szymanski who agreed to talk about his many trips to Russia and Poland. It will be started with the short film Steve Peplinski put together of Ed Malcheski.

Newsletter – Chris said he and Tammy have ideas for it and will try to have it out by the end of September.

Board Member Comments – Since their terms are expiring, Larry asked Katie, Mike, and Sharon if they would consider staying on for another term and they all agreed they would.

Because of the latest downpours we have had, we are having major issues with water coming into the museum through the back door. Rock is going to a meeting in August to see about our possible grant for the insulation upstairs. Larry suggested if we receive it, we should use our brick money to fix the back side of the museum and address the water issue. Claudia suggested maybe changing the grant request to whatever is required to fix the water problem. Pam suggested using money from one of our CD’s and get it done now because of the seriousness of the problem. After much discussion, we may seal in the problem door and just use the double door for our entrance in the back. Roger will look into purchasing some dry form paper as a temporary fix and Larry & Mike will check into blocking the single door and adding a step or ramp to the double door.

Claudia said there were 8 people when Dennis Jacob gave his presentation. She then mentioned the Polish costumes on display were donated by Damon Szymanski and she will need to purchase acid-free paper and a storage box to store them. She also said the hitching post he was going to donate is on hold. He needs to check with his son’s family who owns the farm.

Steve asked if everyone had gotten the Ed Malcheski presentation he sent with the drop box share. He will resend it to those who did not receive it.

Shawano County Fair – In Tammy’s absence, Roger will check with her to see if she would be interested in having a booth again.

Attendance of People for Polka Days – Claudia reported from Thursday thru Sunday of Polka Day Week, we had 53 visitors. She had given a flyer to the camp sites telling them about our museum and the window displays. Katiehadaladyoffertodonatesomeoldrecordsthat would work on our Victrola but she would like to find out what they are worth. Claudia suggested telling her to try the Exclusive Company in Green Bay.

High School Volunteers – Pam and Rock said they are doing fine. Claudia mentioned she has three who help her and was wondering if we will do anything for them. She was told to keep track of their hours.

BoardMemberComments–Claudia put our trifold brochures at several area businesses. If anyone sees that some are running low we can go to the museum and get some more. We have about 150 left.

Norine said she had contacted several upcoming class reunions who agreed to include some information about our historical society and museum. She was wondering what she could use. Claudia said depending on the graduation date, Deb Schneider would allow them to borrow the class pictures on display at the schools. We could also loan them some Pulaski News from their high school years and give them several brochures. We could maybe take a picture of the brick one of the classes already purchased and incorporate that into a poster. We should ask if anyone would like to donate their annuals.

Roger complimented Claudia on the tour she gave the village board and suggested we do the same for the various area townships. He will ask the village to become members and possibly purchase a brick. He also mentioned the great job she did on the window displays for Polka Days.

Steve asked if we will be digitizing and cataloging any of our photos. Chris mentioned our Past Perfect should have that capability. Claudia said we need to include people’s names in our documentation. Many people want to know what their family donated and we have no way of knowing.

Our next meeting will be August 28th.
John made a motion to adjourn. Roger seconded. Meeting adjourned at 8:20 pm. Minutes were taken by Norine Heuser, the recording secretary.