Month: January 2019

Join us for the Largest Pie Auction in US History takes place March 3, 2019

Pulaski isn’t just the home of the “Pulaski Polka Days Celebration”. For the sixth year in a row, a passionate group of individuals along with Promote Pulaski, Inc., have helped plan the week-long celebration “Casimir Pulaski Days”. This year, the event will take place, March 3rd-March 10th and is expected to bring thousands of visitors and locals into the small community. A Kick-off the Celebration is planned for Sunday, March 3, after 10:30 a.m. mass at Assumption BVM Catholic Church. Promote Pulaski, Inc. along with the Pulaski Area Historical Society is hosting the Largest Pie Auction in US History. Sign...

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Prokopovitz Bros. The Big White Store

The first White Store. Photo donated by John Wielgus. On the photo, The White Store is actually referred to as Prokopovitz Bros. The Big White Store on the front of the building is clearly displayed. Following the photo is Volume 2 , Number 14, The White Store News. This consisted of information such as obituaries, marriages, banquets, happenings, accidents. The White Store news also contained advertisements for the store as well; shoes, hats, Easter suites for men, petticoats for the ladies, skirts, dress and coats.  In this edition, John A. Peplinski even put an advertisement in for Ford Cars....

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Special Thank You To Our Volunteers

A special thank you to the following individuals that have helped with volunteering at our Pulaski Museum since September 2018. Charlie and Darlene Kientop Steve and Polly Peplinski Gordon Black Mary Drella Brenda Alicea Mike and Linda Blohowiak Pat and Bob Budz Pam and Rock Mannigel Steve Karcz Claudia Ryczkowski It takes volunteers to run our museum, and we are so thankful for all of you. If you are thinking about volunteer please call 920-822-3997 for more information....

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