Becoming a member of the Pulaski Area Historical Society helps to preserve our history for our children and grandchildren. It keeps the stories, memories and artifacts of long ago here for all to enjoy. What a wonderful organization to be a part of and support.

Your Benefits Include

  • Newsletter with historical stories from the Pulaski area, and society/museum updates.
  • Membership discount to all Wisconsin State owned historical sites.
  • Invite to our Annual Dinner Meeting, which includes ethnic food, guest speakers and an update of the yearly activities and events of the society.
  • Networking opportunities with other members that have similar interests and likes.
  • Volunteer opportunities to showcase your talents to a great cause.

Membership Dues

(Effective January 2017)

  • Individual $15.00 annually
  • Family $25.00 annually
  • Business $30.00 annually
  • Casimir Pulaski Level $100.00 annually
  • Individual Lifetime $500.00 (one time)

Payment Options

  1. Pay online. (Online Form)
  2. Mail your payment to PAHS or Pulaski Area Historical Society, Attn: Dues/Subscriptions, P.O. Box 944, Pulaski, WI 54162. Click here for form to download.

Please note that if you mail your payment, you must fill out the online membership form, and indicate that your payment will be sent by mail.