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Polish Heritage and PACE Collaborate to Bring Polish Genealogy & Polish Heritage Workshops to Community This Fall

Polish Heritage Society and the Pulaski Area Community Education (PACE) office will be presenting two informative sessions this fall. Both of the presentations will be at no cost to members of PHS and both will be at Pulaski High School at 1040 S St Augustine St in the Large Group Instruction (LGI) room. This is located just inside the front doors of the school. There will be $15 fee for non-members. 

On October 12th will be Polish Genealogy. This will first cover basic genealogy and how to get started, and what your finished product may be. What tools are on-line and off-line that are available to use. Which one’s cost money and which are free. What tools are at the library? There are specific Polish web sites to help track ancestors in Poland. Many records did survive the wars, and more records are being digitized and available to us every year.

If you have been thinking of getting started on the genealogy trail, this may be a good start for you.

Everyone will receive a printed copy of the presentation which contains numerous WEB links to help in your search. 

Next on November 1st will be Polish Workshop. In the workshop, Poland native Malgosia Daugherty will help to create a deeper understanding of Poland today. She will talk about the country’s history, traditions and things you should know about Poland before traveling there. Also, get a recipe for a traditional polish dish. Daugherty came to the United States at the age of 23. She graduated from the Academy of Economics in Krakow, Poland and the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. She is the President of Polish Heritage Society in Green Bay. In November of 2017 she was awarded the Zablocki Achievement Award by the Polish American Congress for promoting Polish Heritage through educational, cultural and social activities. 

Complete the below registration form and mail to PACE to secure a seat. 

Mike Brzezinski & Malgosia Daugherty

A Polish Experience


















Presentation to Attend:

___  Polish Genealogy, Tuesday Oct 12th, 7 to 8 PM

___ Polish Workshop, Monday Nov 1st from 6 to 8PM


Participant’s Name__________________________________



ZIP ______________

Member of Polish Heritage Society of NE Wisconsin  Yes   No 

Home Phone________________________  Cell Phone __________________________

No Fee to members of the Polish Heritage Society. 

$15 Fee to non-members. 


Send completed form and the $10 check payable to Polish Heritage Society to: PACE Office, P.O. Box 36, Pulaski, WI 54162


Waiver Statement: The participant / Parent /Guardian assumes all responsibility in the case of injury or harm to participant. The Pulaski Community School District, their employees or agents or any volunteers or organizations associated with this activity will not be held responsible for any personal injury or loss that may occur in conjunction with this activity.






Pulaski Area Historical Society Newsletter_Winter_2021


Check out the PAHS Newsletter – winter edition 2021. Look back at photos from Pulaski, Wisconsins Main Street through the years, Learn about geneology in an upcoming webinar January 30th, learn about the recently established PAHS Endowment Fund, Casimir Pulaski Days, List of cheese factories from Shawano Count in May of 1928, A family story told by Rose Marie Joswick and photos of the Krakow School in 1927 and the new school in 1929. Lots of history, a newsletter full of information about Pulaski, Wisconsin and surrounding communities.

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A Tribute To Gloria Krumrai by Tammy Brzeczkowski

This past year, we lost an individual who lived for “Pulaski”. She was an amazing person to say the least. Some might have thought she was a little rough around the edges, however I got to know her, and she had a big heart. She was an active member of our business community, the Pulaski Village, and the Pulaski Area Historical Society. As I was going through old Pulaski Newspapers, I found this photo and article that I thought I would share with all of you to help her legacy live on. I personally knew Gloria Krumrai, and truly admired her for the education she received in a time that “girls” didn’t go to college, and what she did for our community. I’ve retyped the article from the Pulaski News to give you a little more of her story, and to remember someone who was truly loyal to Pulaski and doing business locally. She told me in a conversation once recommended by Cletus J. Vanderperren convinced Krumrai to keep her business in Pulaski, to stay where she was planted. Cletus, whom was a farmer and lived in Brown County, was a member of the Wisconsin State Assembly and lived from March 4, 1912-September 24, 1994. She did what was recommended by Cletus. Her business Krumrai Chiropractic never left Pulaski,WI Her roots to this day remain in Pulaski, however, she branched out and touched a lot of lives, and I personally will not forget her. Cletus J. Vanderperren (March 4, 1912 – September 24, 1994) was a member of the Wisconsin State Assembly.

Krumrai Returns from Puerto Rico

Dr. Gloria Krumrai, a chiropractor with offices at 209 East Williams Street, Pulaski, recently returned from the 1968 Chiropractic Congress and World Pageant in Puerto Rico. She is pictured at the far left.

krumrai returns from puerto rico

Dr. Gloria Krumrai, chiropractor, recently returned from Puertor Rico where she attended the 1968 Chiropractic Congress and Worl Pageant in Puerto Rico. She is pictured at left with the Worl Posture Queen, Wisconsin Posture Queen and her husband, Mr. Donald Krumrai.

With Dr. Krumrai is the newly crowned World Posture Queen, from Kentucky; the 1968 Wisconsin Queen of Posture, Catherine Rude, of Edgerton, and Mr. Don Krumrai.

Dr. Krumrai was one of the official chaperones for Catherine Rude who represented the Society of Wisconsin Chiropractors in the world pageant. Forty-three physically-fit beauties from throughout the United States and several foreign countries were tested on good posture, physical fitness, poise and personality.

The 1968 Wisconsin Queen of Posture will appear in parades and festivals throughout the summer to remind Wisconsin young people and adults the importance of physical fitness. She appeared at the Pulaski Festival last weekend, where she was sponsored by Dr. Krumrai, on behalf of the Society of Wisconsin Chiropractors.