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Pulaski Area Historical Society Board of Directors Meeting Tuesday February 28, 2023

Present: President Larry Puzen, Vice President Secretary Steve Peplinski, Treasurer Norine Heuser, Curator Steve Karcz, Bob Brusky, Mike Brzezinski, Maria Deau, Pam Janssen, Chris Jaworski, Pam Mannigel, Tim Prokash

Excused: Rock Mannigel, Vice President Tammy Brzeczkowski, Ron Maroszek

Call to Order: President Larry Puzen called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM February 28, 2023 at the Pulaski Area Historical Society museum. The meeting had been scheduled for February 27, but was postponed due to a snowstorm.

Approve Minutes: The minutes had been distributed in advance and reviewed by board members. Upon a motion by Tim Prokash, seconded by Norine Heuser, the minutes were approved.

Financial Report: Treasurer Norine Heuser presented the financial reports. She reported on the growth of our endowment fund. The fund now stands at $25,715. This is a quarter of the way to the level at which funds from earnings can be dispersed. Treasurer Heuser recommended changing PAHS’s utility billing to payment averaging so as to smooth out cash flow. Upon a motion by Pam Janssen, seconded by Bob Brusky, the financial reports were approved.

Communications and Comments: The society received a cassette tape containing a speech by Frank Joswick. Mike Brzezinski volunteered to digitize the tape so that it could be added to the Archivepahs.org website.

Old Business Website statistics: This report deferred until a future meeting.

Scanning Project / Archive website: The archive site is now being hosted by NMT partners of Onalaska WI. As part of the migration, the landing page that required clicking a link to get to the archives was eliminated, and the site now opens with the Collections page. Steve Peplinski reported on pending content as follows:  Memories of old Angelica has been re-scanned to correct missing pages.  Conversion of the Tricopa and Tri County News newspapers is in process.  Conversion of Pulaski News issues from 2015 to 2022 is in process.  Typos in the midwife records document have been corrected. These updates will become effective upon the next update to the hosted site.

Newsletter: There was no discussion Board Member Comments:

New Business Give Big Green Bay: Treasurer Norine Heuser distributed a fact sheet with a breakdown of donations. $21,003 in donations will be eligible for a partial match from Give Big Green Bay. PAHS Minutes February 28, 2023 Page 2 We had donors from 10 states. This dollar amount placed us 29th of 45 overall, and 5th of 17 in the “small” division. We had 180 online donors. A total breakdown form GBGB will be coming in the next few weeks. We have a donor list that includes the email address of each donor. Membership: Norine reported that she has received 153 renewals plus 2 lifetime memberships. Larry reported that he reviewed the museum attendance log and found 39 addresses of nonmembers. He wrote letters to those individuals and as a result we now have 8 new members. Some individuals contributed to Give Big Green Bay this year instead of paying for a membership. Plans to use the GBGB email list for marketing are being formulated. Casimir Pulaski Days: The board discussed plans for the Thursday, March 9 movie night with showings at 3:30 and 6:30 of “The Fourth Partition”, a movie about the Polish diaspora in Chicago. Museum staffing for Saturday March 11 was discussed. New Displays: Steve Karcz discussed his plans for the military display, including research he has been doing regarding Civil War veterans from the area. Curator’s Report: Curator Steve Karcz reported that the Give Big Green Bay event sparked increased interest in the PAHS Facebook group. The group now has 630 members. He received a donation offer from the author of a biography of Richard Bartkowiak, a member of the WWII group “Darby’s Rangers”. The author is the brother of Richard Bartkowiak. Curator Karcz will be giving a talk on Pulaski History at the Gillett Public Library in August of 2023.

Adjourn: Upon a motion by Pam Mannigel seconded by Pam Marnocha, the meeting adjourned. Tuesday, February 28, 2023 Secretary Steve Peplinski