A Polish Experience

These workshops are addressed to adults that want to learn and expend their knowledge of Polish history and culture. The course is also a perfect opportunity to gain more understanding of your Polish heritage or prepare you to a visit in Poland. As a Poland native born, Malgosia will take you on a tour of how my country looks like today and share many stories about its history, events and people that shaped it in the past 100 years. Starting with a short language lesson, she will teach you few Polish greetings and how to introduce yourself in her native tongue. She will then cover Polish geography, climate and interesting facts. She will spend some time talking about Polish history, World War II, Solidarity movement and changes that took place in Poland in 1989 and helped the country flourish and transition to democracy. Moving on, we will learn about Polish people’s traditions and you’ll see a video of her brother’s wedding from Kielce, Poland. There are 16 National Holidays in Poland, and she will talk about my favorite, the All Saints Day. At the end, she will invite you to try her mom’s famous pierogi and share the recipe how to make them. Come join her to discover your roots, learn about Poland, and gain an appreciation for the rich tradition and culture of the Polish people!

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