P.A.H.S. Meeting of May 21, 2018 Larry Puzen called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm at the PACE room. Those attending were Larry Puzen, Rock and Pam Mannigel, Steven Karcz, Larry Szymanski, Chris Jaworski, Katie Walters, Mike Blohowiak, Claudia Ryczkowski, John Mihalko and Norine Heuser.

Secretary’s Report – Chris made a motion to accept the minutes. Rock seconded. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report – Larry Szymanski reported the checkbook balance is $21,066.02. Larry Puzen mentioned the Green Bay Antiquarian Society awarded us the grants Claudia wrote…about $700.00 for tissue paper, boxes and supplies and $400.00 to fix as many typewriters as that would allow. A discussion followed about the CD coming due in July. Larry Szymanski made a motion to let the CD expire on 7/12/2018 and put the proceeds into the brick fund for museum improvements. Then reinvest any remaining funds back into a CD. Norine seconded. Motion carried. Norine made a motion to approve the report. Claudia seconded. Motion carried.

Communications & Comments – Larry Puzen said Claudia found out the cobbler shop at the Franciscan printery was going to be selling items through an auction. He was able to go there and brought back several small items for the museum. After the sale, they may give us other items if we would want them. At one time, they made sandals for all of the friars in the country. Larry Szymanski said the Brown County Trust for Historic Preservation asked us to join them. Chris said they are a group of people like we were, who want to preserve old buildings. After discussion, it was decided we will join for $25.00. Larry said our renewal for the AASLH of $118.00 is due. We had received a grant from them and were able to purchase items at a discount because of our membership with them. We really don’t have a need for anything major so it was decided not to renew this year. Larry Szymanski said the Wisconsin State Historical Society asked if we could receive the Columns magazine via email instead of the mail. He will check with Tammy to see if they could just sent it to her and she could then add it to our website.

Insulation Project – Rock said half has the foam and fire retardant on. The other side is now ready to go and will be done either this Wednesday or Friday. They will then blow the cellulose insulation over the ceiling of the office. Van Asten’s will cut a hole in the floor to vent the furnace pipe up there so we will finally be able to regulate the temperature. Backyard Project – Larry Puzen said he went back there and shot lines and is quite sure we do not need a drain in our part of the lot if we are able to run ours over to Van Asten’s. He will be talking with them. He may move the door up and add a little roof over the back that would cover the sidewalk but all of this would be done a little at a time. Newsletter – Tammy had told Norine it will be mailed this week. Website – No report Tour May 16th – Rock said they had 10-12 high school students that are residents and go to school here but are immigrants from several countries including Dominican Republic, Thailand, and Nicaragua. Their mentor thought it would be good for them to learn more about where they are now living. He and Pam gave them a tour of the museum. They all were very interested and asked many questions.

Board Member Comments – Claudia mentioned her Mom is still getting many calls for the museum. The calls are coming from people who Google the Pulaski Museum. Her number is the one that people are directed to call. That needs to be changed because they will be getting rid of her phone. We will need to check with Tammy to see how to get that changed, Display for Museum for Polka Days – Steve is working on the Angelica/Maple Grove Fire and has the article just about done. He is working on the graphics now and will have it ready. DVD New – Steve said he will have this finalized by Polka Days. Summer Hours – They currently are Wednesdays from 2:00-5:00pm. After summer, the hours will be determined by the new students and when it will work with their schedules.

Membership – Norine passed out a list of members who have not sent in their membership renewal. Some are from 2015 and 2016 so she will be sending them reminder letters. She asked if anyone knew why some of them may have not renewed. As of today, the membership drive brought in $6,292.00 which was less than the 2017 amount of $6,740.00. She attributed that to the large amount of new members who joined last year. Board Member Comments – Claudia asked if we would consider having a book sale with the books her mother has in her collection. She has many books (500-1000) some that were used in the one-room schools in our area. She also has many magazines. If we don’t want them, she will give them to Howard Suamico for their annual book sale. She would like them out of the house by the beginning of June. She has a call in to Dave Kubiak to see if he would let us use part of the Wielgus building over Polka Days. She will let us know what he says and then we can make a decision. Larry Szymanski said Damon Szymanski had asked if any decision was made on moving the hitching post to the museum. We will have to talk to Mike to see if he has equipment we can use to move it. Claudia mentioned the Bay Beach display at the downtown Green Bay Brown County Library was put together by Dennis Jacobs and he did a wonderful job. It will be there until June 6th. The other side has a Coney Island display which also is very interesting. That will be there until May 26th if anyone would like to check those out. John made a motion to adjourn. Steve seconded. Meeting adjourned at 8:05 pm. Our next meeting will be June 25th, 2018. Minutes taken by Norine Heuser, recording secretary.