The Pulaski Area Historical Society held the 2021 Annual Membership Meeting on October 20, 2021 at the American Legion in Pulaski. Members also had the opportunity to join virtually.

Board members were introduced by President Larry Puzen. Certificates of Appreciation Awards were announced and awarded to Board Member Roger Brzeczkowski and deceased Board Member Dr. Gregory Jerlinga. They were recognized for their contributions to the organization and the Board. Steven Karcz provided a curator’s report for the 2021. 

Preservation Award 2021 Steven Karcz Curators Report

New members to PAHS include the following individuals and organization: Tom & Tod Blasczyk, Kristin & Joe Kolkowski, Nancy M. Michael, Rosa & Eugene Nelson, Frank & Marlene Berna, Audrey & Bill Peters, Ed & Denise Plonka, Lester Radtke, Arlene Rohloff, Jolene & Rolf White Cory and Carol Witthuhn, Jena Socha, Tim Prokash and Caylor Photography. Currently there are 272 members.

There was a moment of silence for the deceased members of the organization, whom included: Orville Kubiak, Louise Konopka, Edna Palubicki, Madeline Krawczyk, Alice Kowalkowski, George Sanders, Shirley Sojka, Valentina Rodgers, Eleanor Kozlowski, John Mihalko, Marjorie Bluma, Dr. Gregory Jerlinga, Tony Hieronimczak and Sue Winter. 

A unanimous ballot was cast to have Tim Prokash, Pam Mannigel and Steve Peplinski fill the open positions on the current board. Congratulations to these individuals as they will serve three years on the board.

A 15 minute video of the Pulaski area Shrines was shared for all members and can be viewed on the Pulaski Area Historical Society Youtube Channel. 

Chris Jaworski gave an update on the endowment fund which was started this year and is currently at $13,250. It allows individuals and organizations to donate money and after the endowment reaches $100,000 it can payout dividends from the account. The purpose of the endowment fund is to ensure the future of the organization.

Steve Peplinski provided an update on the archive project which can be accessed through the Pulaski Area Historical Society website under the menu archives. For information on how to use the archives, here is a video link.

Maria Deau Annual Meeting 2021 Report on renovation project

Maria Deau provided information on the inside renovation of the museum. Special thank you to Larry Treankler for the $10,000 donation to the Pulaski Area Historical Society to make this project possible. Also special thank you to all the members that have been volunteering their time, talents and energy at the museum to help with the process. Rock Mannigel provided additional updates on the outside renovation process and Larry Puzen talked about a few of his special projects. Here a video link walk through of the inside renovation process.

The PAHS 2021 Historic Preservation Award was presented to Kevin Surprise and Heather Kelter for the renovation of their home at 1283 County Road C in the Town of Chase. The home was built in 1939. The couple has done extensive renovations on the outside; replacing the roof, windows and siding, a new block basement, enclosed the front porch, added a new porch, shutters, central area, and a shed. Interior updates are planned for this coming winter. There is also a video on the Youtube channel to view the updates.

Norine Heuser

Members are encouraged to check out the actual meeting link for more detailed information. Here is the link.