Larry Puzen called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm at the PACE room. Those attending were Larry Puzen, Larry Szymanski, Sharon Bauer, John Mihalko, Mike Blohowiak, Katie Walters, Rock & Pam Mannigel, Claudia Ryczkowski, Tammy Brzeczkowski, Paul & Theresa Bialozynski and Norine Heuser.

Secretary’s Report – Sharon made a motion to accept the secretary’s report. Katie seconded. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report – Larry Szymanski reported the check book balance is $7,353.42. Rock made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report. Mike seconded. Motion carried.

Larry then explained a handout he had given us about an online radio station from Poland called Radio Poland DAB+ that has news, culture, and commentary. He gave us the path to find them online along with the times the broadcasts are done in English. We had two donation requests: one from the Wisconsin Council of Local History, Inc. and the other from Brown County Trust for Historic Preservation. It was decided not to donate any money at this time. He then handed out our mail.

Brick Sales – Mike reported he has two being cut and the rest are displayed in the window.

Plant Sale – Mike said if we do this again, we will have to get cheaper plants. He thanked Rock, Dick Valley, and Tammy for their help. He was thankful he made 10 rhubarb pies to sell because we made $90.00 on the pies and $20.00 on the plants. He said when we have an event, we need more than one way to raise funds.

History Walk – Tammy reported the number of attendants at each participating group. We had 10 people at our museum. We served polish sausage and Clara Maroszek’s chiffon cake, lemonade, and coffee.

Time Capsule – Claudia said 40 people attended the opening on June 12th and thanked the board members who were there. Harry Krysiak dug up the capsule. Its items will be on display in the museum. They included some pictures, church bulletins, newspapers, and other articles. Claudia went to just about all of the businesses in Pulaski asking if they want to put anything in the next one. She approached the schools but no one has responded. There will be an article in the next Pulaski News. It was suggested we keep the capsule open till Polka Days in case anyone wants to include something. Pat & Bob Budz wrote down who and what was given so far. It was suggested we open the next one in ten years.

Finance Committee Report – Tammy said they hopefully will meet next week.

Board Member Comments – Mike looked into the repair of the catch basin in the back of the museum and said it will cost around $1,000.00. Larry Puzen mentioned VanAsten’s are getting bids to black top that area. He will check with them and get an estimate for our portion. Larry also mentioned the village said it was our responsibility to fix it. Tammy explained there were some hold-ups with the newsletter but it should be in the mail tomorrow. She also mentioned someone contacted us on the website regarding early schools in the Pulaski area. The person who requested that information turned out to be her cousin. He came to Pulaski to meet them and she said he would be a great speaker. He is an archivist and knows a lot about our area. Claudia reported on what Marian and she have been working on. Brother Regis had asked for information about the 1970 International Rescue Squad truck he had worked on. They went to the rescue squad and found they have a lot of information available. They were able to send him a picture of the truck and some newspaper articles. A family from New Berlin asked for information about Frank Paprocki who was instrumental in getting electricity in Pulaski. They ended up buying a memorial brick and making an additional $100.00 donation. Damon Szymanski called Marian to see if she would meet with him and two students who attend UW Madison. They received grant money to talk with people who have Polish and Spanish in their background. Doris Malcheski and the family at Pulaski Station will talk with them. Damon thought they would do a great presentation at our annual dinner. Marian is also doing research for a family from Maryland who is related to the Peplinski’s. Pam said they had given Lorelei a $400.00 scholarship and Rachel a $300.00 scholarship. Jake decided not to go to college. MacKenzie never turned in her paperwork. Based on their time working, Pam would like to send a thank you along with $50.00 for MacKenzie and $100.00 for Jake.

World War I Display – Larry reported it is up and they are working on getting all of the names of the veterans from our surrounding counties. The list we have is incomplete. Ray and Donna Mae Mroczynski did a great job on the pictures and explanations and Larry worked on the mannequin. It will be on display for at least a year.

Polka Day Float – Larry asked Pam if the students would like to participate on the float. It was also suggested to ask Tammy and her family again.

Family Display – The Emil Szczepanski family will have their display ready after Polka Days and then the Prokopowitz family will be next.

Shawano County Fair – We were asked if we would like to have a booth at the fair. Tammy will look into that.

Artstreet – Larry Szymanski handed out information they had sent us. They are looking for exhibitors. They have a $150.00 fee so it was decided not to participate.

Museum Hours – After much discussion, it was decided the museum will be open on Tuesdays starting July 12th, from 10:00am – 5:00pm. Claudia suggested featuring something different each week. We will not be open during the Farmers Market due to poor attendance in the past. The Pulaski library contacted Marian for some pictures of the museum they could include in a presentation during Polka Days. The speaker will be at the library. The pictures will be on the Brown County Library website. Claudia suggested having the museum open on Thursday of Polka Days from 2:30 – 4:00 and then again 5:00 – 6:30pm. Saturday and Sunday will be our usual hours. Anyone who can help out should contact Claudia.

Students – Rock reported we have two seniors, Emily Johnson and Jenna Socha and an 8th grader, Julia Linsmeyer. Lorelei is training them and they all seem excited and willing to learn! Katie asked how we get students interested. Pam said usually the previous workers spread the word and get other students involved. Rock also has the school announce this.

Larry Puzen said the assession sheets are piling up and need to be worked on. Claudia explained the Past Perfect program is designed so that each object has a number assigned to it. She will try to find the original assession forms so they can be entered. Larry also said he will create a book so whenever someone takes something out the museum, they will sign it out so we know who has it and when it was taken and then when it’s returned they will indicate that also.

Claudia made a motion to adjourn. Norine seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 8:05pm.

Our next meeting will be July 18th at 6:30pm in the PACE room.

Minutes taken by Norine Heuser, recording secretary.