P.A.H.S. Meeting of June 25, 2018

Larry Puzen called the meeting to order at 6:32 pm at the museum. Those attending were Larry Puzen, Rock and Pam Mannigel, Steven Karcz, Larry Szymanski, Chris Jaworski, Katie Walters, Mike Blohowiak, Claudia Ryczkowski, John Mihalko, Roger Brzeczkowski and Norine Heuser.

Secretary’s Report – Rock asked to change the summer hours to include Mondays from 3:00 – 5:00. We should also revise our brochures and print more. Claudia will work on those with Tammy. With that change, Steve Peplinski made a motion to approve the report. Mike seconded. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report – Larry Szymanski reported the checkbook balance is $21,341.44. The CD coming due in July will be taken out and put into our brick fund for improvements if more are needed. Then as previously discussed, we will reinvest any remaining funds back into a CD possibly keeping out $2,000.00 to $3,000.00 for unexpected building expense. Roger made a motion to approve the report. Rock seconded. Motion carried.

Communications & Comments – Larry said the Brown County Historical Society is looking to raise $15,000.00 to get a match of that amount. Chris made a motion to give a $100.00 donation. Katie seconded. Motion carried. On July 12th, Larry and Norine will go to Premier Bank to cash in the CD. Two signatures are required. Then from July 24th to August 24th Norine will be acting as temporary treasurer while he is on vacation so any bills should be directed to her. He will not have time to do a treasurer’s report for the August 27th meeting so there will not be one for that meeting.

Upstairs Project – Rock said the insulation has been completed. They are in the process of moving back and rearranging the items. The main aisle is open for Van Asten’s when they have time to complete the venting. It will have its own thermostat.

Steven Karcz mentioned he was looking thru items upstairs and went thru most of the old formatted accession sheets to try to match up the items. Many items upstairs are not tagged so we don’t know who gave some of them. He suggested new donations should be mentioned in the newsletter so the donors would be recognized. Claudia said we used to have an article in the Pulaski News regarding donated items as they came in. This would be another way to give our donors recognition but someone from the board would have to give this information to the paper. Also, he sent around a form to be used when donations are given to use as a “preliminary” form. That way, we could fill out the form and discuss the donation with the committee to decide if we would accept it or not. This would be done before taking the time to archive it.

Steve Peplinski said he purchased the 5th edition of Registration Systems for the Small Museum. In it, they say the information you obtain for the artifacts is more important than the artifact itself. He and Steve Karcz are working on developing a code for location of items. Steve has drawn up a floor plan of the museum and they will assign items to their location using those codes. He also purchased three tutorial CD’s that he and a couple of the high school students viewed. He also received a grant for $206.00 to update our Past Perfect program from the Wisconsin Historical Society.

Backyard Project – Larry Puzen handed out detailed drawings of our backyard. He ran elevations and has permission from Van Asten’s to use their drain if we grade our parking lot accordingly. He would like to raise the door and replace it. We all went outside to get a better idea of what is needed. It

was decided he should get bids to do the door and the step down. Katie will check with someone she knows at LaForce. This project can be done in phases.

Volunteer Seminar – Claudia said she had 6 people attend. She really needs help filing articles and it was decided we will have our high school students help with that.

Hitching Post – Damon Szymanski would like us to place the hitching post by the road. It was decided to put it by our sign.

Phone Call to Marian’s Number – Claudia said she has the instructions on how to change that and will give them to Tammy.

History Tour Rally August 25th – Chris is working with this group and gave them a list of 5 questions they requested. Someone will have to be at the museum that day along with him.

Board Member Comments – Mike mentioned it was voted to demolish the Kunesh Town Hall and build a new one. He said we should go and take pictures of it before it’s gone. He will find out who will give us permission to go inside and take some. Roger commented that Chris did a great job at the Hofa Park Festivities announcing the tractor participants. He also said they had a pie raffle with their leftover pies that was quite a success.

Polka Day Float – Chris said he would do one and is looking for a band. Roger will check with Richie Hodkiewicz and see if they would do that.

Website – No report

Book Sale – Claudia said that will not be happening. The majority of the books went to the Howard sale. The books pertaining to Pulaski will be kept for us.

Grant from Green Bay & De Pere Antiquarian Society – Claudia was awarded $400.00 for the repair of typewriters and $583.96 for archival material. She needs to do a detailed inventory of what she purchases and turn that in to them.

Steve Karcz made a motion to adjourn. Rock seconded. Meeting adjourned at 8: pm.

Our next meeting will be August 27th, 2018. Minutes taken by Norine Heuser, recording secretary.

Download Minutes Here.