Doug Prentice from State Farm Insurance went over the insurance coverages he has available for our museum. He said we should find out if our current insurance company has a discount structure where we may be eligible for an upcoming discount for having them for several years without a claim. He acknowledged that our current policy appears to be adequate for us but would be happy to answer any questions we may have. He finished his presentation at 6:50pm.

Larry Puzen then called the meeting to order at 6:51pm. Those attending were Larry Puzen, Larry Szymanski, Katie Walters, Jim Zajac, Mike Blohowiak, Tammy Brzeczkowski, Marion Schroeder, Claudia Ryczkowski, Roger Brzeczkowski, Pam Mannigel and Norine Heuser.

Secretary’s Report – Mike made a motion to accept the minutes. Jim Zajac seconded. Motion carried.

Larry Szymanski then mentioned he had been having difficulty trying to get answers from our current insurance company. Marian said it would be beneficial for us to have a local insurance agent who is readily available to answer any questions. Larry then made a motion to go with State Farm’s “Replacement Cost” plan for $1,032.00 per year. Norine seconded. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report – Larry reported our checkbook balance is $5,638.41. Larry Puzen asked if Larry could prepare a cost assessment of our museum so we will have an idea of what it costs us per month. He should include our fixed expenses such as heat, electricity, insurance, water and internet. Tammy made a motion to accept the report. Mike seconded. Motion carried.

Brick Sales – Mike reported we have 129 paid bricks plus one he just gave Larry. Norine’s list had shown 130 but that included the free brick we had given the Segall family.

Review of Dinner – Norine thanked everyone for all of their help. We served 80 guests. She asked if anyone had any suggestions for next year. It was decided to include a deadline on our posters and advertising to see if we can get a more definite number of attendees in a timely fashion.

Larry introduced our new board members, Claudia Ryczkowski and Roger Brzeczkowski. Jim Zajac is our third board member for the 2016-2018 term.

Election of Officers – After much discussion, Norine made a motion to keep the current officers for the upcoming year. Mike seconded. Motion carried.

Committee Review – Larry went over our various committees and the following will go into effect.

Artifacts – Marian Schroeder with Rock Mannigel, Sharon Bauer and Claudia Ryzckowski

By Laws – Chris Jaworski with Bea & Dick Valley and John Mihalko

Maintenance – Larry Puzen with Jim Zajac, Mike Blohowiak and Roger Brzeczkowski

Newsletter – Tammy Brzeczkowski with Chris Jaworski and Katie Walters

Annual Dinner – Norine Heuser with Marian Schroeder, Sharon Bauer, Larry Puzen

Volunteers – Claudia Ryczkowski with Sharon Bauer

.Public Relations – Tammy Brzeczkowski

Membership – Norine Heuser

Fund Raising – Mike Blohowiak with Larry Puzen, Jim Zajac, Claudia Ryczkowski and Roger Brzeczkowski

Preservation Award – Larry Puzen with Chris Jaworski

Casimir Pulaski Day – Rock & Pam Mannigel

World War I Presentation – Mike Blohowiak with Ray Mroczynski and Larry Puzen

Time Capsule – Marian Schroeder with Claudia Ryczkowski, Larry Puzen and Roger Brzeczkowski

Membership Letter – Norine reported she has the letter almost ready to be mailed in January.

Mike said he would be willing to have another Plant Sale. It was decided to have this in May. The opening of the Time Capsule will be June 12th, 2016.

Spring Newsletter – Tammy is working on an article featuring all of the areas’ polka bands. She then handed out a brochure showing the plans for the upcoming Casimir Pulaski celebration. This year a whole week will be dedicated to the event…March 7th – March 13th. They have a committee working together with the village and businesses. Rock & Pam are inviting all of the 4th grades from the entire district to participate this year.

Frosty Christmas – Pam said this will be held on Friday, December 4th and she will be at the museum from 5:00pm -7:30pm that evening.

Grants – Larry Puzen said the Green Bay Antiquarian Society is planning on coming to our museum. They have monies available so he will look into repairing our player piano. Pam gave him the name of a man who came to the museum and looked at it.

Book – Larry Puzen passed around an idea for a book about Pulaski. A company writes the book and they can then be sold as a fund raiser. He will check into this further.

Board Member Comments – Larry Puzen said someone from the Railroad Museum contacted him and they would like to include our museum in their “history walk” this year.

Marian reported she, Claudia and Laura are reorganizing the files in the office. They are categorizing them to make it easier for anyone to look up information. She also expressed concern about not having any lighting in the back of the museum and the front. Larry Puzen and Jim Zajac will address that.

Norine will be ordering a book “Polka Heartland” for the museum.

Larry mentioned the back room needs to be cleaned out and painted.

Tammy said someone emailed our website asking for information regarding a home they are looking to purchase in Pulaski. They would like to restore it to its original décor and would like to talk to the owners. She will give them Mary Holewinski’s name.

Roger thanked us for allowing him to serve on the board. He had some names for possible new members that Norine could send a letter to. He will try to help grow our group.


Claudia asked if we would like the lighted Christmas tree form put in front of the museum again.  She will try to find someone to donate a tree. If she can’t find one, Larry said we will buy one.

Marian told us what she would like to do with the anonymous $500.00 donation made in her name. She would like to purchase a flat screen television, DVD player, a printer for our computer and have our VHS tapes put into DVD’s. Claudia will purchase these items.

Next meeting will be Monday, February 22, 2106. IT WILL BE HELD AT THE MUSEUM.

Jim made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Tammy seconded. Motion carried.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:19pm.

Minutes taken by Norine Heuser