The Pulaski Area Historical Society

Annual Meeting

Wednesday, October 21, 2020


Present: Larry Puzen, Rock Mannigel, Pam Mannigel, Steve Peplinski, Maria Deau, Roger Brzeckowski, Mike Brzezinski, Norine Heuser, Ron Maroszek, Chris Jaworski,Tammy Brzeczkowski, Steve Karcz, Katie Walters

Call Meeting To Order: The PAHS October, 2020 annual dinner was called to order by President, Larry Puzen. Larry introduced the board members and a video with interviews with all the board members was played(you can find this video on our YouTube channel: Pulaski Area Historical Society). There was a moment of silence for our members who have passed on. 

Membership Report: Norine shared that we have 53 businesses that belong to the PAHS and a total of 326 members. Our memberships are our only form of income now. A motion to accept the membership report was made by Larry Puzen. Ron Maroszek seconded it. All in favor. Motion carried.

Secretary’s Report: Larry asked to dispense the reading from the secretary’s minutes from last year’s annual meeting. A motion to dispense the secretary’s report was made by Chris Jaworski. Ron Maroszek seconded it. All in favor. Motion carried.

Treasury’s Report: Norine Heuser shared the Treasurer’s report. A project the board will try to tackle this year will be to redo the back parking lot. A motion was made by Steve Peplinski to accept the treasurer’s report. Roger Brzeckowski seconded it. All in favor, motion carried. 

Board Nominations: We had 4 nominations to replace our board vacancy positions; Pam Mannigel, Mike Brezinski, Dr. Jerlinga, and Ed Krause. Tammy Brzeczkowski made a motion to accept the nominations. Ron Maroszek seconded the motion. Motion carried. Chris Jaworski made a motion to unanimously elect the nominations. Steve Peplinski seconded it. Motion carried.  

Student Volunteers: Rock Mannigel shared that there are currently no students coming to the museum to help out, but there are 4 volunteers that will help out when/if the museum opens.

Endowment Fund: A Brief Summary

Chris Jaworski reviewed three documents that the board needs to approve in order to establish an endowment for the museum. The first document is titled, “Pulaski Area Historical Society Resolution Authorizing an Endowment Fund”. This report states that the proposed endowment’s future income would be considered, unrestricted, which means the museum could use income generated by the endowment for any purpose. Secondly, the endowment would have to grow to $100,000 before any income could be distributed to the museum. The $100,000 would consist of donations made to the endowment plus growth of principal.  Only after the endowment reaches this $100,000 milestone could it then start paying out earnings to the museum. The report went on to say the endowment subcommittee would have to give an accounting to the museum board at least once per year. The second document that needs to be approved is titled, “Pulaski Area Historical Society Endowment Investment Policy Statement”. This report states that the endowment may invest in stocks, bonds, and cash and also use mutual funds consisting of these types of securities too. It also states no security purchased can make up more than 5% of the portfolio and it should not be allowed to appreciate to more than 10% of the portfolio. The last document is titled, “Pulaski Area Historical Society Gift Acceptance Policy”. This report allows the museum to accept not only cash and securities for donation to the endowment fund but also tangible asset such as property or vehicles. The museum is also, allowed to decline any gifts at its discretion. After reviewing these reports it was discovered that none of the board members could open the electronic files sent to them. Chris promised to resend all three files to each board member and would take yea or nay votes on the proposed documents after our board meeting. If approved, he would then proceed with establishing an endowment. Lastly, Chris thanked all the board members who served on the endowment subcommittee. They included: Tammy Brzeczkowski, Rock Mannigel, posthumously Larry Szymanski, and Chris Jaworski.

Thanks to the committee to help put this together: Rock and Pam Mannigel, Larry Szymanski, and Chris Jaworski.

Curator’s Report:  Steve Karcz shared some of the highlights of this past year with the members. The PAHS participated in Hazelwood’s Christmas event last year to display Polish Traditions and customs during Christmas. Before Covid-19 hit, we were also able to do our “Historic Bus Tours” for Casimir Pulaski Days where we visit the history of Pulaski, Angelica, and Hofa Park in real time! The museum also offers free family research if you are curious about your heritage! Thanks to Steve Peplinski and Mike Brezinski the museum is also in the process of digitizing photos so our members can search for them on our website. The PAHS also has a virtual tour of the museum located on our YouTube channel! Our collection keeps growing! A motion was made by Norine Heuser to approve of the curator’s report. Chris Jaworski Seconded it. Motion carried.

Preservation Award: Chris Jaworski shared the winner of this year’s Preservation Award, Tracey Johnson and Dean Race! It took 2 years to restore this house that was built in the early 1900’s and they did a phenomenal job. Congratulations!

Virtual Tour of the Museum: Maria Deau produced a video that can be found on our YouTube channel, Pulaski Area Historical Society. It gives viewers a tour of what can be found in the museum as well as a glimpse of the newly insulated attic! Thank you to our members for helping this project come along!


  • We had 25 participants in our Virtual Annual Dinner!
  • Tammy-Thank you for helping with interviews and doing videos
  • Thank you to our board members for all their involvement and keeping things going during a global pandemic!
  • Pam is an amazing saleswoman, selling a record of 19 bricks this year!
  • Linda Blohowiak: Thank you for all the great comments on Mike, her husband who contributed so much to the PAHS.

Awards were presented to Katie Walters and Mike Blohowiak for their years of

service to the board.

Rock Mannigel made a motion to adjourn the dinner. Tammy Brzeczkowski seconded it. The Virtual Annual PAHS Dinner was adjourned.