The Pulaski Area Historical Society Meeting (virtual)

Monday, November 30, 2020


Present: Larry Puzen, Rock Mannigel, Pam Mannigel, Steve Peplinski, Maria Deau, Roger Brzeckowski, Mike Brzezinski, Norine Heuser, Ron Maroszek, Chris Jaworski,Tammy Brzeczkowski, Greg Jerlinga, Ed Krause, Steve Karcz, Claudia Ryczkowski(Guest)

Call Meeting To Order: The PAHS November, 2020 meeting was called to order by President, Larry Puzen. The secretary’s minutes from the meeting in September were revised. A motion to approve the secretary’s report was made by Norine Heuser. Steve Peplinski seconded it. All in favor. Motion carried.

Treasury’s Report: Norine Heuser shared the Treasurer’s report. A motion to approve the treasurer’s report was made by Chris Jaworski. Rock Mannigel seconded it. All in favor. Motion carried.

2021 Budget: We are on track for 2021. Unfortunately we will not have any scholarships this year as we have no seniors volunteering at the museum.


  • We had several members of the PAHS pass away this year; Doug Clements

Orville Kubiak, Louise Konopka, Edna Palubicki, Madeline Krawczyk, Alice Kowalkowski. Our thoughts and prayers are with them and their families.

  • Sandy Wilcox would like to donate an old army uniform to the museum
  • The museum will possibly be getting a WWI uniform from Steve Karcz’s distant family!
  • The PAHS has applied to the Benevity Causes Portal this puts us in a donation system for people to donate to if they wish.


PAHS Annual Dinner: In total, we had 28 people attend our virtual dinner. We had a woman from Colorado share her appreciation and excitement to finally be able to attend an annual dinner! 

Fall Newsletter: Tammy is working on getting a holiday newsletter out. Chris plans to get Tammy his article by the end of the week.

Endowment Fund: Chris Jaworski reviewed three documents that the board needs to approve in order to establish an endowment for the museum. The first document is titled, “Pulaski Area Historical Society Resolution Authorizing an Endowment Fund”. This report states that the proposed endowment’s future income would be considered, unrestricted, which means the museum could use income generated by the endowment for any purpose. Secondly, the endowment would have to grow to $100,000 before any income could be distributed to the museum. The $100,000 would consist of donations made to the endowment plus growth of principal.  Only after the endowment reaches this $100,000 milestone could it then start paying out earnings to the museum. The report went on to say the endowment subcommittee would have to give an accounting to the museum board at least once per year. The second document that needs to be approved is titled, “Pulaski Area Historical Society Endowment Investment Policy Statement”. This report states that the endowment may invest in stocks, bonds, and cash and also use mutual funds consisting of these types of securities too. It also states no security purchased can make up more than 5% of the portfolio and it should not be allowed to appreciate to more than 10% of the portfolio. The last document is titled, “Pulaski Area Historical Society Gift Acceptance Policy”. This report allows the museum to accept not only cash and securities for donation to the endowment fund but also tangible asset such as property or vehicles. The museum is also, allowed to decline any gifts at its discretion. After reviewing these reports it was discovered that none of the board members could open the electronic files sent to them. Chris promised to resend all three files to each board member and would take yea or nay votes on the proposed documents after our board meeting. If approved, he would then proceed with establishing an endowment. Lastly, Chris thanked all the board members who served on the endowment subcommittee. They included: Tammy Brzeczkowski, Rock Mannigel, posthumously Larry Szymanski, and Chris Jaworski.

A motion to approve the endowment fund information was made by Roger Brzeckowski. Seconded by Ron Maroszek. All in favor. Motion carried.


  • Endowment: Chris donated $2,000 dollars to the endowment fund to start it off! Wells Fargo will match that to leave the museum with a $4,000 donation in total for the end of 2020! Thank you Chris!


Election of Officers:

  • Rock nominated Larry Puzen to continue being our president. All officers were in favor. The nominations for president were closed.
  • Nominations were open for vice president. Roger nominated Tammy. A motion to accept Tammy as vice president was made by Pam Mannigel. Seconded by Ron Maroszek. All in favor. Motion carried.
  • Nominations were open for secretary. Larry nominated Maria. A motion to accept Maria as the secretary was made by Tammy Brzeckowski. Seconded by Pam Mannigel. All in favor. Motion carried.
  • Nominations were open for treasurer. Larry nominated Norine. A motion to accept Norine as the treasurer was made by Ed Krause. Seconded by Ron Maroszek. All in favor. Motion carried.

Committees: The officers went over the committees for the 2021 year. Our document will be updated.

Casimir Pulaski Week: We will be doing Casimir Pulaski Week this year but on a smaller scale that will be subject to change if need be. The PAHS is planning to do:

  • A cooking class at the Legion
  • Something with the school system(if possible)
  • Have the museum will be open
  • Have a bus tour but split it to 2 buses doing the same tour.

Casimir Pulaski Week will be from February 28- March 6.

Christmas Decorations for Museum: The decorations are up and lit.

Accession Committee: Steve P. will go to look at what we all have at the museum.

Website:  We have:

  • 315 total searches in the last month. 
  • 155 found us on search
  • 326 found us on google maps

Please review us on google! It helps to boost our ranking in Google!

Scanner for Museum: We have a scanner! The brand is Czur. Steve P is working on getting the Pulaski news for the website and hoping to make the museum documents searchable. If anyone is interested in helping the museum with this project, feel free to attend our meetings! 

Membership Dues: We will be adding a DVD promo for our members this year! If you become a member now through December 31st you will receive “The Pulaski Story” DVD.

Board Member Comments: 

  • “Thank you new board members for joining us.” -Roger Brzeckowski
  • “This seems like a good group of people, happy to be here.” -Greg Jerlinga

Roger Brzeckowski made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Greg Jerlinga seconded it. The meeting was adjourned. 

Next meeting: January 25, 2021(Virtual)