Minutes from March 2019


Meeting of March 25,2019

Larry Puzen called the meeting to order at 6:31 pm at the PACE office. Those attending were Larry Puzen, Rock and Pam Mannigel, Steven Karcz, Larry Szymanski, Chris Jaworski, Tammy Brzeczkowski, Steve Peplinski, Mike Blohowiak, John Mihalko, Roger Brzeczkowski and Norine Heuser.

Secretary’s Report – Larry Szymanski had two corrections. The fiscal year report was shown as 2018 but it should be 2017. The annual report sent to the State Historical Society should be 2018, not 2019. With those corrections, Rock motioned to accept them. Tammy seconded. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report – Larry reported the checkbook balance is $30,390.06. Norine motioned to accept the report. Steve Karcz seconded. Motion carried

Board Member Comments – Larry said the $1,085.00 from the pie auction is not needed for our operating funds. He suggested putting half of it toward our scholarships and half to the brick fund for capital improvements. After much discussion, Steve Peplinski motioned to do the above and if needed, it could be used for our endowment. Norine seconded. Motion carried.

Newsletter – Tammy said they are working on it. Steve Peplinski is working on his article. Pam suggested thanking Randy Grygiel and NEW Solid Surface Cleaning for the great job they did at the museum.

Endowment Fund – Chris gave two options he researched. One would be starting our own and one would be using the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation’s. After much discussion, it was decided to form a subcommittee to decide on what parameters we would like. Chris, Rock, Tammy and Larry Szymanski will be on the committee and report back to the board at a later meeting.

Casimir Pulaski Week – Tammy said it was a great time…..a lot of work but a lot of fun! She thanked Rock & Pam for all of their work during all of the events. Norine thanked Tammy for all the online coverage for the various drawings and events throughout the week. The dance has been rescheduled for May 4th.

Casimir Pulaski Pie Auction – It went well but it was a lot of work compared to the participation. A total of 15 people provided pies and Richard Styczynski did a very nice job helping us raise money.

Casimir Pulaski Week Students – Rock reported we had over 300 attend which included students, teachers and aides. They presented all 13 classes of 4th graders in the Pulaski school district. The school provided the bussing. Bay Tek also held a tour so the students were able to have two very informative experiences.

Museum Trinkets – Pam and Tammy have not had time to meet yet.

Board Member Comments – Pam said she has given the scholarship information to the students and is awaiting their applications. She and Rock will be gone but she will advise us with the students’ names and amounts.

Website – Tammy said for the time frame of February 1st to March 24th we had more male users than female….54% to 44%. The age groups represented were: 25-34 year olds 20% – 35-44 year olds

12% – 45-54 year olds 10% – 59-64 year olds 29% – 65+ 29%. We had 873 page views during that time.

Spring Cleaning Day – Pam said the floors have been cleaned by Randy Grygiel. She doesn’t feel that we need a special day. They will have our students do what is needed.

History Tour Road Rally – Chris said no one has contacted him about doing this again but he will ask.

Roof Inspection – Larry Puzen said it’s been two years since we had it inspected. Chris will call Gary Van Lannen and have him check it out.

Damage to Front of Building – Larry Puzen said there is a metal piece hanging and some of the plywood from the mansard roof to the parapet wall needs to be repaired. Steve Karcz will check with someone to look at that.

New Display – Steve Peplinski will be doing the Peplinski Family for our next display.

Schedule Annual Dinner – After discussion Norine will see if we can book the hall for October 23rd. If that is not available, October 30th.

Board Member Comments – Pam mentioned she and Rock will be gone for a month. If she cannot find any volunteers, we will need to close the museum and cancel the students. She will try and get somebody but just wanted us to know what could happen. Larry Szymanski mentioned the postage to mail the DVD’s has increased to $4.00 per DVD. He asked if there was any update about the back parking lot. Larry Puzen said he hasn’t found anyone to do it yet.

Roger made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Steve Karcz seconded. Meeting adjourned at 8:03pm.

Next meeting will be April 22th, 2019.

Minutes taken by Norine Heuser recording secretary.