Board of Director Minutes from the May 2019 Meeting.


Meeting of May 20, 2019

Larry Puzen called the meeting to order at 6:33 pm at the PACE office. Those attending were Larry Puzen, Katie Walters, Larry Szymanski, Steve Peplinski, Mike Blohowiak, John Mihalko, Maria Deau, Rock & Pam Mannigel, Chris Jaworski and Norine Heuser.

Secretary’s Report – Katie motioned to accept the minutes. Rock seconded. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report – Larry reported the checkbook balance is $28,057.16. Steve Peplinski motioned to accept the report. Rock seconded. Motion carried.

Board Member Comments –Larry handed out the various pieces of mail we received. He also said he received an email from Nsight saying they will provide free internet service to the museum for the next 12 months. He said we received a letter from the Pulaski Legion asking for a $100.00 donation for flags for the village. We will send them that amount. The AASLH asked for a donation for their outreach educational program. We will not be sending any. Larry Puzen said we will not be receiving a grant from the Green Bay Antiquarian Society this year.

Roof Inspection – Gary Van Lannen came out and did an inspection and a little patching that needed to be done free of charge. Larry Puzen went up with him and said the roof looks good.

Back Door Project – Larry Puzen said he has not gotten an estimate yet for the work itself but he did get a revised estimate from Tri City Glass for a door. A steel or aluminum door would cost about the same…$2,600.00 installed.

Endowment Fund – Chris said he, Tammy, Larry Szymanski and Rock will have a meeting and will have a report for our next meeting.

Duct Work Upstairs – Van Asten did some work upstairs. They are working on it as a fill-in job for them.

Museum Trinkets – Pam displayed several items they collected on their trip to the various Pulaskis around the country…pens, magnets, pins, calendars, stickers etc. Pam said the whole purpose of these would be to give something to our visitors as a free memento since we do not want to have to deal with money at the museum. Larry Szymanski suggested calendars. We could include one at each place setting at our annual dinner. Katie said she would use a pen over the other suggestions. Pam will get prices for calendars and pens and let us know what she finds out at our next meeting.

Board Member Comments – Chris said he received notice from the Brown County Historical Society that we are on the docket for their rally tour which will be Saturday, August 17th. More details to follow. Norine reported for Tammy that the newsletter should be at the printers and mailed next week. She also has an 11×17 poster regarding buying a brick that she will laminate and hang in the window at the museum.

Website Report – None

Display at Museum for Polka Days – Last year we had polka albums for sale in addition to our family display.

Float for Polka Days – no one had any ideas

Volunteers – Pam said things are going ok at the moment.

Student Resources – Steve Peplinski said he has more projects for the students to enter photos on the computer so that will involve a lot of data entry. He also would like them to take pictures of items already entered so we could attach photos to their descriptions. Ideally, we would come up with a word like “Tools” so when a visitor/member would do a search for any tool we may have, all of the ones we have would display. He is looking to make our system useful for our visitors.

Board Member Comments – Rock & Pam reported on their trip. They put on over 4,100 miles visiting all of the Pulaskis except for the one in New York which they will catch next year. She said they met mayors, police chiefs and superintendents. Everyone they met were so friendly and hospitable and made their visits very informative and interesting!

Rock made a motion to adjourn the meeting. John seconded. Meeting adjourned at 7:10pm.

Next meeting will be June 24, 2019.

Minutes taken by Norine Heuser recording secretary.