The first White Store. Photo donated by John Wielgus. On the photo, The White Store is actually referred to as Prokopovitz Bros. The Big White Store on the front of the building is clearly displayed. Following the photo is Volume 2 , Number 14, The White Store News. This consisted of information such as obituaries, marriages, banquets, happenings, accidents. The White Store news also contained advertisements for the store as well; shoes, hats, Easter suites for men, petticoats for the ladies, skirts, dress and coats.  In this edition, John A. Peplinski even put an advertisement in for Ford Cars. Neighboring communities such as Krakow, Angelica, Anston and Pittsfield were included in The White Store News. In addition, the White Store News (1 page) is included at the end – December 1919.

White Store News 1915

White Store News Page 1, Volume 2, No 14, 1915

White Store News Easter Ads

White Store News, Page 2, Volume 2, No. 14, 1915

Incubator from Propkopovitz Bros.

White Store News, Page 3, Volume 2, No. 14, Ads, 1915

White Elevator Ad, Millinery Department Ad, White Store News

White Store News, page 4, 1915

White Store Ad

White Store News, 1915, Shoes for Easter

White Store Skirts

White Store Spring is Coming, 1915

White Store Coats 1915

White Store Coats, 1915

White Store Ad, John A Peplinski

John A Peplinski, White Store Ad, 1915

White Store News 1915

White Store News, Suits for Boys, Spring Opening, Pulaski State Bank and other info.

White Store

White Store News, 1915 – News from Krakow, Angelica, Pittsfield, Anston and more ads

White Store News, December 1919.

White Store News, December 1919, Births, Marriages and business announcements.