The Pulaski Area Historical Society Annual Dinner

Wednesday, October 23, 2019 

Present: Mike Blohowiak, Chris Jaworski, Steven Karcz, Larry Puzen, Don Mannigel, Pam Mannigel, Steve Peplinski, Maria Deau, Katie Walters, John Mihalko, Roger Brzeckowski Excused: Tammy Brzeczkowski, Norine Heuser 

Call Meeting To Order: The PAHS October, 23, 2019 dinner was called to order by President, Larry Puzen. A motion to approve the secretary’s report was made by Pat Buds. Mike Maroszek seconded it. All in favor. Motion carried. 

Treasurer’s Report: Chris Jaworski shared the Treasurer’s report on Norine Heiser’s behalf. Total assets $51,105.57. Members are reminded that the Pulaski Area Historical Society is a non-for-profit and all that money is going towards the upkeep of the museum as well as necessary renovations. A motion was made by Steve Peplinski to accept the treasurer’s report. Rock Mannigel seconded it. All in favor, motion carried. 

Board Member Update: Larry Puzen introduced all the PAHS Board Members even those not in attendance were mentioned. John Mihalko announced his retirement from the board. Tammy Brzeczkowski, Rock Mannigel, and Chris Jaworski will stay on the board. Bob Joswick and Bob Gracyanyski were accepted as candidates. There was a unanimous ballot for nominees. Larry Puzen congratulates nominees. A motion was made by Mike Blohowiak to accept the board member nominations. Bob Joswick seconded it. All in favor. Motion carried. 

Volunteers: Rock Mannigel talked about the student volunteers. They help at the museum from 3-5 every Monday. The historical society has a new scholarship fund for $6,750(cumulative to date starting from 2012) that will be distributed to qualified 30 students. Six out of 9 volunteers attended the dinner. Together the volunteers have accumulated 182 hours from last month. Mannigel thanked the volunteers Kayla, Megan, Mikey, Grant, and Jessica. Rock then reminds members of Casimir Pulaski Days occurring the week of March 4th this year. 

Curators Report: The Historical Society has installed all the ventilation in the attic of the museum, it will reduce moisture and help stabilize the temperature. The museum has acquired 3 laptops to help community members on research and information. More improvements on the horizon are repaving the parking lot, updating the back entrance, and getting electronic files up and running. 

Community Events: Casimir Pulaski Days 2020 will host two bus tours, that will cover Krakow, Sobieski, Angelica, etc. The Pulaski Historical Society also participated in a road rally set for Brown County Historical Society. 

Presentations: Rob Roirdan presented for NSight followed by Larry Treankler presenting for MCL, Bay Tek, and his Village of Companies. 

Adjournment: Larry Thanks all the members for coming to the Pulaski Area Historical Society’s dinner. Bob Gracyanyski made a motion was made to adjourn the dinner. Damien Szymanski Seconded it. Dinner was adjourned. 

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