Big things are underway at the Pulaski Museum. We are currently in the process of going through everything at the museum and sorting out our collections. The museum needs to be organized because we will be starting to renovate.

We have a running list of things we would like to update at the museum. First we would like to take out most of the walls and small rooms so we have a big open space to play with once the renovation is complete. The rooms that will be taken out will be the Military Room, Religious Room, and the Kitchen. This will open up the space to feel like one large room. To help customize our staging areas, movable walls will be made so we have the option of switching up the environment based on whatever we will be displaying.

The whole idea behind this renovation is to give you, our members, and the community a reason to come back to the museum by switching up our displays through the year! Of course, we will have a “permanent collection”. This collection will be displayed in the museum at all times, however, everything else will be constantly moving and changing.

This renovation was made possible by an exceptionally generous donation from the Village Companies. They donated $10,000 to the Pulaski Area Historical Society. Thank you so much for your contribution to our organization. This is a very exciting project for our community. Check out the website floor plans here.

pulaski museum floor plans

Floor plans to open up the museum.