Here are the latest minutes from the Board of Directors.

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The Pulaski Area Historical Society Meeting Monday, May 23, 2022 Present: Larry Puzen, Rock Mannigel, Pam Mannigel, Maria Deau, Mike Brzezinski, Norine Heuser, Steve Karcz, Steve Peplinski, Chris Jaworski 

Call Meeting To Order: The PAHS May 2022 meeting was called to order by President Larry Puzen. 

The secretary’s minutes from the meeting in April were reviewed. A motion to approve the secretary’s report with edits mentioned was made by Pam M. Norine seconded it. All in favor. Motion was carried. Treasury’s Report: Norine Heuser shared the Treasurer’s report. We have about $83 as a rebate left. We cashed in $863 in rebates. A motion to approve the treasurer’s report was made by Pam M.. Steve P. seconded it. All in favor. Motion carried. 

Communications & Concerns: ● $200 was donated by the Antiquarian Society for the uniform cleaning ($530 total) ● New member- Woody’s Wheels(Casimir Pulaski Level ● Rock talked to the insurance people and we went from $1,000 to $10,000 deductible saving us $293/yr. OLD 

BUSINESS Website: Tammy wasn’t at the meeting. Board Vacancy: We need 1 more board member. 

By Laws Status: Date set for a meeting to discuss by laws in early June. 

Scanning Project: ● We can’t tell what people are looking at on the website but it tells us how long they spend on the website and how much they downloaded. Steve P. is learning how the reporting tool works and it can show you day by day reporting but he is still trying to figure it out. ● We need to look at a way that multiple people can be involved with updating the archive. Might migrate it to a cloud based service. Steve P. is getting much closer to how it would work and what the costs would be. We could get by using amazon services for $20 a month but would have to work with a consultant to get it going. Steve freelanced a guy for $80 to work on it for 12 hrs. This is still exploratory. ● We might need some volunteers to put rescarta on their computer to work on this project and everything is properly converted. The more storage you use, the higher the price. This project might have to be funded so we would need some ideas for fundraising. Maybe the Pulaski schools could help us with funding to have all of the P. News’ on the archive website. ● Norine had an idea about TechSoup helping nonprofits with tech support. Steve P. might look into it. ● Steve P. is going to call the Pulaski news to see how he could get the school involved. 

Open House Polka Days: We are going to have a pie and ice cream social on Saturday for the people at the ribbon cutting ceremony. Larry wants to limit the kinds of pie. Museum will be open Friday and Sunday after the parade. 

NEW BUSINESS Lawn Mowing & Landscaping: Grandsons of Roger are doing it. We might want to compensate them for mowing the lawn(gift card or cash). The bricks will be up before Polka Days. We should also have more mulch added and put the cement mixer on some bricks so there aren’t weeds coming up underneath it. We will need to find someone to get the mulch and spread it and put a brick area under the cement mixer. 

Displays for Museum Timeline: Tomorrow(5/24) we are going to start cleaning out the garage area to make room for the baptismal fountain and the stove. The buggy will have to be used for multiple displays. There are 20 lights and chairs in the storage unit that need to be moved. We have our displays mapped out and we know what we want to display for the open house. We would like to use the seasons as inspiration as to what we display in the museum. 

The seasonal things will be displayed in the reception half of the museum: The rodeos in Pulaski were during the 70s, the church would have their picnics at the swamps, they had ping pong drops, prepping for the winter months, swimming in Murawski, etc. Larry donated some sawhorses to Murawski Pond. There is one bundle of ceiling tile left. 

Estimate for Parking Lot Pavement: Rock contacted Brent Blaser, our cement contractor, and asked if he could get us a bid to pour a slab for the parking lot. We are still waiting on a response. Van Asten’s are interested in going in on it with us. We both have to redo our parking lots for it to work. For 44 cubic yards the total amount would be $6,248 just for our share and just for the concrete expenses. Our bill will be less than Van Asten’s. Rock is going to ask Whitey to do what he can. We are going to have to hire a sewer guy for this project too. Before we pour the concrete we have to inspect Van Asten’s sewer pipe because our pipe leads to theirs. We will have to figure out where we will get the money for this project. 

Curator’s Report: ● Steve is looking for props for displays. We need an old ball. ● Going to look on Facebook to find equestrian boots. Pam and Rock mentioned checking at the surrounding riding stables. Board Member Comments: ● Mike Brezinski brought a picture of the railroad station from Sobieski and framed it. 

Adjournment: Chris J. made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Steve P. All in favor. Motion was carried. Next meeting: June 27th in the PACE room at Glenbrook