The Pulaski Area Historical Society Meeting

Monday, November 18, 2019


Present: Chris Jaworski, Steven Karcz, Larry Puzen, Don Mannigel, Pam Mannigel, Steve

Peplinski, Maria Deau, Roger Brzeckowski, Tammy Brzeczkowski, Norine Heuser Excused:

Mike Blohowiak, Don Mannigel, Katie Walters, John Milhalko


Call Meeting To Order: The PAHS November, 18, 2019 meeting was called to order by

President, Larry Puzen. The secretary’s notes from the PAHS dinner were revised. A motion to

approve the secretary’s report was made by Rodger Brzeczkowski. Steve Karcz seconded it. All

in favor. Motion carried.


Treasurer’s Report: Norine Heuser shared the Treasurer’s report. The museum has a total of

27,193 in checking and is planning to use 21,238. Currently there is $643 in the scholarship

fund. The dinner profited $492.38 for the museum. Associated bank donated $250, Larry Puzen

donated his winnings from the 50/50 at the dinner($150), and the returned donated from St.

Stanislaus($250) will go into the scholarship fund. A motion was made by Chris Jaworski to

accept the transferral of the money. Steve Peplinski seconded it. Motion carried, the money will

be placed in the scholarship fund. A motion was made by Tammy Brzeczkowski to accept the

treasurer’s report. Steve Karcz seconded it. All in favor, motion carried.



Communications: The PAHS will be renewing their Brown County Historical Society

membership and the subscription for the voyager magazine. The PAHS has a grand from the

Antiquarian Society. There was discussion on using the money for a scanner, however more

research would be needed. The board decided to instead use the money for a plastic case for

the polish doll the museum has and to possibly reach out to the Bonduel historical society about

their scanner in hopes of more information. The spring newsletter is in progress. Please send

any interesting information to Tammy.

Volunteers: Pam Mannigel talked about the student volunteers. The museum has 9. Five of the

volunteers are seniors. Their scholarships will be based on the hours of volunteer work at the



Website: Tammy Brzeczkowski shared the insight she has from the website. The PAHS has

136 google searches(not from the website, just google searches), 748 page views(610 returning

visitors), 60% of audience male, 40% female, and the most common group of people searching

are 65+ years of age.



Election of Officers: Tammy Brzeczkowski nominated Larry Puzen for President, seconded by

Norine. Larry accepts the nomination. Larry Puzen continues on as President. Open

nominations were held for the position of Vice President. Rodger Brzeczkowski nominated

Steve Peplinski, seconded by Steve Karcz. Steve Peplinski declines, his time is well spent on

the filing system and digitizing documents of the museum. Norine Heuser nominates Tammy

Brzeczkowski, seconded by Maria Deau. Tammy Brzeczkowski Accepts acting role of Vice

President. Larry Puzen closes the nominations. One board member position remains open and

could be filled by Ron Maroszek or Mike Brezinski.

Casimir Pulaski Week: This event is sponsored by Promote Pulaski. Tammy Brzeczkowski

goes over the agenda for Casimir Pulaski Week. There will be a pie auction this year. The

museum will give a donation of $50 dollars to the event or what they gave last year.

Membership Letter: Norine Heuser talked about any additions to the newsletter. The board

decided to mention the future renovations which will include remodeling of the back entrance

and repaving the parking lot. Maria Deau will design the newsletter again this year. The dues

will stay the same and there will be a due date of February 15.

Adjournment: Chris Jaworski made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Norine Heuser Seconded

it. The meeting was adjourned.

Next meeting: January 27


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