Present: Larry Puzen, Rock Mannigel, Pam Mannigel, Maria Deau, Mike Brzezinski, Norine Heuser, Steve Karcz, Ron Maroszek, Steve Peplinski, Tim Prokash, Pam Marnocha(Guest) 

Call Meeting To Order: The PAHS March, 2021 meeting was called to order by President Larry Puzen. The secretary’s minutes from the meeting in February were reviewed. A motion to approve the secretary’s report was made by Tim. Steve P. seconded it. All in favor. Motion was carried. 

Treasury’s Report: Norine Heuser shared the Treasurer’s report. A motion to approve the treasurer’s report was made by Rock. Pam seconded it. All in favor. Motion carried. 


  • Applied for a year of free internet from Nsight – Approved 
  • Received a $50 donation from the Motorola Solution Foundation 


Casimir Pulaski Week: The virtual bus tour went really well! The viewers didn;t go below 86 viewers in the whole 2 hours. There were a lot of people saying how much they enjoyed it and how well done it was. The virtual bus tour covered Pulaski and Pittsfield. 

The concertina swap sold $72 worth of things and had a good turn out. 

Brick Sales: All of the bricks are engraved(32/33) from the last order. After the wall is filled, we might want to think of other ideas for a fundraiser. 

Board Member Comments: 

  • The visitor sessions on the website are steady. 
  • Steve P. translated the 50th anniversary article and it is on the archive website. NEW BUSINESS

Museum Interior Renovation: The ceiling tiles are all in, everything is painted, the cement of the floor was grounded so it is more level, and the bathroom floor is in! We will have the reception area in the back. Larry kept the paneling from the religious room and the military room to use for the movable walls. The display cases are being held for us until we are ready to receive them. Once we give the go ahead it will take 2 to 3 weeks for them to get to the museum. Each display case weighs 500 lbs. The back entrance needs to be finished, primed, and then painted. 

Curator’s Report: 

Steve K. is working on or has information on: 

  • Museum renovations
  • Moving forward to get the uniform sent to MN for cleaning(Twisted Thread). Steve K. sent out the uniform and it was received.
  • Getting a mannequin and display case for the uniform.
  • Another ABVM 100 years book was donated
  • Mertin Church Research – A shrine that has been around for about 14 years.

Policy for Officers, Board Member and Member’s Funeral: When an active board member passes away, Larry wants to send an official letterhead and send $30. A regular member will receive a card. A motion was made to approve this by Steve P. and seconded by Ron. All in favor. Motion was carried. 

Board Vacancy: Pam Marnocha is the newest member of the PAHS Board! We are so happy to have her! 

Timeline for Opening Museum: Polka Days Weekend is the goal. 

Board member Comments: 

  • Ron wants to donate some voting cans to Steve K. 
  • Mike made a plaque for a map and he can get it made for museum. 

Adjournment: Norine Heuser made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Tim Prokash. All in favor. Motion was carried. 

Next meeting: April 25th in the PACE room at Glenbrook