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We have been selected as a recipient of the GIVE BIG GREEN BAY fundraising event for non-profits. Donate on February 21-22 (Noon to Noon) to help our organization preserve history.

Give Big Green Bay
Mark Murphy and PAHS
Norine and Tammy Give Big Green Bay
PAHS recipient of Give Big Green Bay
Give Big Green Bay

What’s New? The PAHS Archives Project

We are excited to announce that we have begun the Pulaski Area Historical Society ARCHIVE PROJECT. The project allows individuals to access and view documents, photos, books, magazines, maps, and newspapers, specifically the Pulaski News editions, that have historical references to Pulaski and surrounding areas. All documents are searchable. For example, if you are looking for information on your family history, simply by typing in your last name in the simple search, you may be able to find historic documents that reference your name. Most of these documents are found in the Pulaski Museum. The project is headed by Steve Peplinski who has deep roots in Pulaski, Wisconsin, and a lot of passion for this small community. This is a volunteer project, and funding to keep the archives online will be a continuous need. If you enjoy the documents please consider a financial contribution to the project so we can continue our mission in preserving history, and making it available to anyone. See the Donate To Archive Project button below. The initial project is estimated to cost $3,000, this does not include monthly hosting or maintenance fees.


Thank you to Steve Peplinski for compiling this video. Watch for a CD that will be available for sale in the near future. Proceeds will go towards the Pulaski Area Historical Society’s Mission. This will be a great opportunity for you to help support a wonderful organization, and to ensure we continue to provide historical information to each and everyone of you.


Pulaski Historical Society’s Mission

To preserve the history of Pulaski and surrounding communities. If you would like to, you can help by volunteering your time at our museum or for events, donating articles or even monetary donations. Every little bit helps and is appreciated.

Stay In Touch With the Pulaski Area Historical Society

Pulaski Museum Requests

Please email us at pulaskimuseum@gmail.com for requests or inquiries. Please remember that all members are volunteer, so we will reach out to you as quickly as we can.  We invite you to Join our private Facebook Group and make sure that you answer all questions.